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Created in 2014 by Aéroport de Paris, La Tribune and Forum Media, the Paris Air Forum brings together a succession of debates, conferences and keynotes involving the personalities that make the news, major decision makers and experts in the aerospace, defense and space sectors . The objective: to decipher the challenges of the present and the challenges of the future to better address the challenges of tomorrow. As with every edition, the new generations are an integral part of this reflection with the presence of some twenty of the most innovative startups in the Innovation Village, they are the ones who open the sessions with percussive pitches. The 2018 Paris Air Forum theme is the theme "Connected aviation and smart territory". Objective, highlight the changing relationships and processes of civil and military aeronautics and space as well as new balances of the most dynamic and innovative international industrial sector.  


By Max Armanet - Director of Paris Air Forum   Aviation of the future will mean creating the greatest value for all stakeholders : industry, services, territories and users. To achieve this, aviation of the future will have to be connected and this is already a reality today. Progress is central to such change, made possible by the digital revolution and its numerous applications that are shaking up our daily lives. The Internet of Things, the Cloud and Big Data are an integral part of the industry’s transformation as they gain momentum, affecting every aspect of society. Not a day goes by without some innovation in the aviation sector improving the range of opportunities for everyone. For all stakeholders in this sector, the disruption promised elsewhere is already a reality. The world of data algorithmics is improving performance and productivity. The proliferation of sensors installed on complex systems found at every level of aeronautics helps both to fine-tune services in real time and to regulate all production sequences at the highest possible level. Predictive maintenance helps to improve the reliability and availability of tools in the value chain. With satellites and airlines criss-crossing the planet, aviation has transformed our world and our perception of it. All stakeholders in the sector are now up to speed with the digital age. And it has logically become the most desirable object of all production systems seeking to shape the new century. One year ago, Amazon made its first delivery by drone in the USA. Just one of many events marking the growing interest of the four global giants of digital business (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, aka GAFA) in aeronautics and space. Controlling the world of data, a characteristic of GAFA, is central to future change. Their financial power also gives them the means to achieve the switch from being a user to a contributor. The incumbent players in the chain must assimilate this competitive component, which risks changing the landscape permanently. Connected aviation is hastening the pace of the transformations that are already underway. But this comes at a price. All connected objects, soon to be linked to developments in artificial intelligence, are potential points of entry for digital attacks. Cyberattacks can exploit the logics of networks, spreading to contaminate the most established industrial systems, such as social networks and government systems. Improved performance has the paradoxical effect of increasing exposure to cyber threats. This danger is seen as even more serious considering recent cyber attacks and the ominous shadows of organised crime and unscrupulous states that loom behind them. The pace and continuity of innovation relies largely on the confidence placed in the data generated and systems that sustain them. Security in cyberspace is now a major issue for the sustainability of States, smart territories and businesses alike. This is a topic of utmost importance, since the progress achieved in connected aviation is so great that no one could imagine any going back. The phenomenal increase in air traffic is the most tangible demonstration of this. The emergence of new types of metropolitan areas springing up around airports is further proof. A better understanding of the challenges of connected aviation, which has already transformed the 21st century, is a key issue which the Paris Air Forum has been closely deciphering since its creation. This highly current issue is central to our 2018 Forum and we would be delighted if you could join us again this year.

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