Created in 2014 by Aéroport de Paris, La Tribune and Forum Media, the Paris Air Forum brings together a succession of debates, conferences and keynotes involving the personalities that make the news, major decision makers and experts in the aerospace, defense and space sectors . The objective: to decipher the challenges of the present and the challenges of the future to better address the challenges of tomorrow. As with every edition, the new generations are an integral part of this reflection with the presence of some twenty of the most innovative startups in the Innovation Village, they are the ones who open the sessions with percussive pitches. The theme of the Paris Air Forum 2019 was "data revolution" with the aim of highlighting the changing relationships and processes of civil and military aeronautics and space and the new balances of the international industrial sector. the most dynamic and the most innovative.


By Max Armanet - Head of Paris Air Forum

The main theme of this 53rd Le Bourget show is the data revolution. Central themes of this digital data challenge are how to improve the conditions of service and the mission. This is a defining objective for the community of aviators since it has remained something of a mystical obsession since the skies were first conquered. Among the poetic dreamers that shared in this celestial adventure was Saint Exupéry, who wrote: “Preparing for the future merely requires building on the present. Order can only ever be brought to the present. Why question this legacy when there is no way of predicting the future? Let the future take its own course”..

We all remember how Saint Ex’s work was inspired by his career as a pilot and his involvement in the most incredible adventure of his era: transcending time by connecting people across the continents with the aeroplane. The successive generations of aviators around the world since man’s first flight in 1783 has made this dream a reality. Today, data analysis helps the aviation and space community advance further and faster in this present-day odyssey. The machines and services that visitors can discover along the aisles at the 2019 show will, in different ways, be the fruits of this technological breakthrough. As with each edition, Le Bourget is the place that throws open its doors to innovation, always letting the future take its own course.

Transport, space, defence and connected humanity… in tune with Le Bourget, the 2019 Paris Air Forum takes the data revolution as its main theme. Numerous alliances, winning strategies and power relations are at work across this new operational arena for both companies and nations. The Paris Air Forum raises questions about global connectivity, a market that is driving and transforming the entire world. We look further still at the promise of Artificial Intelligence: assisting in diagnostics, decision-making, resolving complex problems, allocating resources and automating tasks, etc. There are many signs of an increasingly radical technological revolution that continues to feed on the powerful and pioneering industry of aviators. An industry that has seen uninterrupted growth since its invention, never ceasing to plot out the adventure of global innovation. In 2019, the success story of this third dimension continues to take flight and the Paris Air Forum is more than happy to play a role in letting the future take its course.

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