Allan Alaküla

Representative of Tallinn at the EU

Allan Alaküla (49), representative of Tallinn at the EU.
Graduated historian (Tartu University, 1993) with decade-long columnist experience joined Tallinn City Office in 2002 as head of public relations. Since 2007 moved to the current function which is mostly external communication of the city. Since 2012 the design and implementation of free public transport for tallinners became major issue also in communication of the city abroad, competing effectively with other hits like e-government and seaside planning. Initially Tallinn looked extensively for other cities experience of free public transport but success of the Capital of Free Public Transport inspires already other cities worldwide to consider and implement the same policy. He consider himself (free) public transport addict using private car in Tallinn only in weekends for getting out of the city. As Estonian government is committed to implement nationwide free public transport from July 2018 the need for private car reduces even further.