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Learning is my north star, curiosity my motivation, solving problems my strength, avoiding future ones my mantra. At 4yo I was put in front of my first PC, I still use that IBM M keyboard 40 years later. From fixing MS-DOS configurations to setting up the first SANs, from designing new consumer value added services to growing one of the largest Services P&L , from assembling a new Software Business Unit via acquisitions integration to spinning it off to private equity, from building IT infrastructures to Securing it against threats … some common threads : fail fast, learn by doing, listen listen listen. Today I am building a new dimension in the IT world: Predictive Cybersecurity Because firefighting breaches it’s a waste, and it leaves scares in any business. Because attackers only need to succeed once, and organizations cannot afford it. Because having foresight give you a advantages and preparedness. Meet BFORE.AI , first predictive behavioural AI for Cyber Security. With more than 20 years of international IT Software, IT Hardware, IT Services and Automotive sectors experience, I have regularly overachieved targets and milestones and developed new businesses. I identify hyper-growth ventures, invest in them and help implement plans to realize their full potential. I enjoy go-to-market disruption, fast business scaling, focus on value creation. Previously I was Vice President (VP) for Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) sales and marketing at Quest. Responsible for business development and leading a team of more than 300 sales makers covering Systems Management, Information and Database Management, Security and Microsoft Platform Management software products. With turnover in excess of $350M, and sustained growth of 18% YoY. I also enjoyed learning and growing for 18 years at Dell with roles as : VP Mergers and Acquisitions, VP Sales and Marketing for Services, Director of Business Development for Services, Director Program Management, Senior Manager Operations, Senior Manager Customer Services. Experienced in Sales Management, Quota Development, Sales Leadership, Commission Structures Development, Pipeline Management and Quality, Strategic Business Planning, Marketing Planning (Vehicle and Spend), Mergers and Acquisition, Integration Executive, Program and Project Management Naturally entrepreneurial, I ignited "Dell for Entrepreneurs" startup program in France - the largest FrenchTech accelerator.

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Nom : Predimya ()
Région : Occitanie
Catégorie : DATA & IA
Secteur : Hi-Tech

Bfore.ai contributes with PreCrime, a predictive threat intelligence feed, enabling preemptive filtering for maximum protection. With a daily production in excess of 90.000 indicators of future attacks, PreCrime by Bfore.Ai is the first predictive solution in the market and the most extensive in volume. Thanks to an industry leading false positive rate, the ratio of unnecessary blocking will be unnoticeable.

The challenge of this breakthrough project is to predict an attack in order to avoid it before it happens. The development of our computer tool, using artificial intelligence, will be able to predict a nearby attack with a high degree of certainty. This will allow us to act before an attack occurs and to limit the damage and therefore the costs, whether it is on a small or large structure. This will have a positive impact on the cost per incident.
Already commercially available, Bfore.Ai PreCrime Threat Intelligence is already adopted by Quad9 in their Public Secure DNS, and it has been adopted to protect networks across the globe.

The innovation is to move from response/containment to prevention. Using advanced behavioral analytics combined with Machine Learning and AI algorithms, we identify newly registered domains and domains being morphed by their maliciousness, and provide this information to blocklists and security providers well before these domains become active.
With detection times ranging from 4 hours to 24 days before activation, we aim to provide an innovative and game-changing tool against cyber threats.
We have therefore acquired the exclusive license to 4 patents and we will draw inspiration from these concepts and methods to carry out our applied research